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We started EMVIA because I, as a visually impaired person, was often out in the field doing interviews for my work, perhaps on television or radio or in the newspapers, and it would always be mentioned that I was blind.

After these instances surfaced I would inevitably get calls from people who were visually impaired, or from someone in their families. The caller would want to know what was out there for their loved one, or would just ask for some advice on different aspects of vision loss.

In just giving some simple piece of information I saw how happy people would be; they just didn’t know where to go to get this information and with just a simple nudge in the right direction I could hear the relief in their voices.

I tried to think what I could do to help people in a more general way, and decided to create a web site that would try to aim people in the right direction to find some of their answers. That is where the web site EMVIA came from.

We try to have the more popular things that would interest people, including things that get you out of the darkened living room and out of the house. Fun things. Information about what a friend might be going through. Things which let you know your life hasn’t really come to a halt. Classes, bowling, cutthroat poker games, information about tools, and even movie schedules.

So here it is: a never-finished project. Have at it!