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Below are some fun things to do in Tucson, whether for the visually impaired or not, and the great weather in Tucson just invites us to get out and about! Recreation is an important facet of our lives. It's fun, allows us to unwind, and helps enhance our quality of life. Leisure activities may change due to circumstances but it's not a reason to stop having the opportunity to refresh, relax and enjoy ourselves.

Check the EMVIA Calendar for current blindness-related goings on, including movies, theater, sports, and other things that pop up around the area.

Described movies, Live Theater, and television all get squeezed on the Audio Description page.


The SAZCB (The Southern Arizona Council of the Blind) has an audio book club that meetis every month both in person at SAAVI and via a free nationwide teleconference line. Check out their schedule HERE.

Talking Books are great! They have books in audio format and in Braille as well as a large variety of descriptive movies that you can check out. The digital talking book player is really nice; very portable and easy to use. Contact them at 1-800-255-5578


Sun Sounds of Arizona loans out radios (at no cost for as long as needed) to provide audio access to those who cannot read print. Covers everything from local newspapers, grocery ads to Spanish language magazines.


are updated Thursday evenings for the upcoming weekend in the whole state of Arizona. See the list here.

Let's Eat Out

It's so nice to go out for a good meal and leave someone else do to the kitchen clean up! A number of local Tucson restaurants offer Braille and/or large print menus. Thanks to many people, here is our most current list.
BR = Braille, LP = large print, and BLP = Braille and large print:

In the Fresh Air

Sabino Canyon is a nice walk but you do have to be in decent shape. The way in is a paved road, with barely any traffic, bordered by many short trail segments. The full distance in is less than four miles with a total rise of about 600 feet; if you make it to the top that would be great exercise.

Rillito River Park is an easy and nice walk: no bumps or obstacles to worry about.

Reid Park Zoo is fun. There is a key you can purchase (for $2.50) and at each of the animal areas you can put in the key and they tell you all about that particular animal. If you wish to talk to someone about this program call 791-4760.

Beep Baseball is the adaptive version of baseball for the visually impaired. The Tucson team is called the Southwest Slammers and they currently have 7 blind players and 5 fully active sighted players. Learn more about Beep Ball here.

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